Get yourself ready for the ultimate beauty trend of 2017 with Romrawin

Get yourself ready for the ultimate beauty trend of 2017 with Romrawin
New Year is right around the corner! Ring in 2017 with confidence and discover the upcoming beauty trends from the insiders with Romrawin, premium beauty center and Thailand's leading aesthetic clinic, who will share with you what's hot and what's not!
"A great skin has become the hottest, long-term beauty trend for years, which will continue to last in 2017. The "no-makeup" make up trend is always seen in fashion runways, proving the fact that healthy skin is the core concept of beauty", said Dr. Thanisorn Thamlikitkul, the expert dermatologist and Founder of Romrawin Aesthetic Clinic. "Healthy skin is not related to fairness. It is the skin's clarity with no blemish. Great skin's condition comes with intensive care as our skin can be sensitive and varied, depending on many factors, such as lifestyles and environment"
"Although some of Thais are still value the fairness of the skin as the concept of beauty, tan skin has likely become more prevailing in the past few years due to global trends and the danger of whitening injection.Such awareness has shifted the beauty trend into becoming more natural-oriented." Dr.Thanisorn added. Aside from the healthy skin, a youthful look is also considered in a list as well. Another up-and-coming trend is the V-Shape face that is now becoming a massive hit among Asian girls.
Romrawin's Managing Director, Ms. Kuanrutai Damrongwattanapokin, stated that "unlike the past, facial lift treatment is now replacing the trend of surgery.At Romrawin clinic; there are several facial lift programs to create a youthful V-Shape face without having to undergo a complicated surgery."
Nevertheless, Dermatologists at Romrawin clinic suggested that safety and beauty must go hand in hand. Before getting into an action, one must consult dermatologists about the result and side effects that might occur.

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